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Smart Grid: Fact or Fiction Videos

The path towards realizing a smarter grid begins here.

Is there a way to pilot test smart technologies? Perhaps your network needs an upgrade. Maybe you’re still looking for the best way to migrate to AMI. Wherever you are on your journey, know there’s plenty of misinformation out there.

We’d like to help you separate smart grid facts from fiction.



Network Speed

Grant Imahara talks to Sensus’ Greg Myers about why the direct paths of the Sensus FlexNet® communication network are faster than the hopping approach of mesh networks.

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RF Emissions

Grant Imahara visits the Sensus anechoic chamber to understand the minimal levels of RF transmissions by smart meters.

Overvoltage Protection

Grant Imahara visits Sensus’ customized overvoltage testing area to learn how smart meters should perform against lightning strikes, surges and other overvoltage incidents.

Safety Features

Grant Imahara learns about hot socket testing of the Sensus Stratus® meter.

Design and Performance

Grant Imahara tours the Sensus Highly Accelerated Life Testing (H.A.L.T) and hurricane testing stations to understand how electricity meter design and performance results are used to improve future designs.

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