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SensusREAD Software

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SensusREAD is a software program for automatic meter readout. It uses the mobile handheld computer Motorola Workabout Pro4 (or a laptop or tablet running the Windows operating system).

You can choose between a guided route or use the route planning tool. The guided option is usually used for billing readouts or for a large quantity of meter readouts. The route planning readout is especially suitable for installation and maintenance services. It also works well for individual meter reading or reading a small quantity of meters.


  • Mobile readout
  • Data collection for billing
  • Intermediate readout
  • Observation of measuring points

Benefits to you

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Recognizes plausibility or meter changes by colored fields quickly
  • Manages multiple routes on one handheld computer
  • Interacts with billing systems
  • Filters data
  • Exports readout data
Features & Documents
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  • Software for PC and handheld computers
  • Route planning
  • Import of route data
  • Plausibility check
  • Tree structure display of all data on one screen
  • Easy preparation of a route through import of meter data from the route planning tool
  • Readout via radio by single address or multiple addresses
  • Optical readout*
  • Inductive readout*
  • M-Bus readout via level converter using primary M-Bus addresses*
  • Manual entry

*depending on hardware probes


  • Mobile walk-by/drive-by software solution
  • Readout of meters
  • Configuration on site
  • Data exchange with billing systems

For minimum system requirements and more, download the product data sheet.

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