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RGS-10 Remote Gas Shutoff Valve

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Safe, Secure Access

The RGS-10 remote gas shutoff valve gives you remote access and control over the flow of natural gas to a customer’s property. It can be used for a variety of reasons when access to the meter isn’t possible, including dangerous conditions or when personal safety is questioned.

The RGS-10 is built around a fully migratable SmartPoint® GM residential transceiver, which leverages two-way communications for customer service and improved operational efficiency. However, this smart shutoff valve goes beyond acting as a simple on/off switch. Its integral pressure monitoring capabilities constantly monitor conditions and automatically shut off the flow of gas when your defined high- or low-pressure limits are reached. It can also engage when rising temperatures, such as fires, occur.

The RGS-10 valve is available in straight- or angle-body styles and installs as part of the meter set. Inside the cast iron case, the RGS-10 utilizes a maintenance-free globe valve driven by a powerful electric motor. The valve performs a regular self-checking procedure to ensure smooth, reliable operation and meets Class 1 Div.2 intrinsic safety standards.

Benefits to you

  • Provides pressure monitoring capabilities
  • Shuts off gas remotely in the event of dangerous conditions, gas leaks, agitated customers or protective pets
  • Communicates over greater distances with less effort or infrastructure
Features & Documents
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  • Downstream pressure monitoring with automatic shutoff
  • Tilt/tamper detection
  • Event log with a time stamp
  • Built-in temperature monitor with automatic shutoff
  • Optional vibration detection with automatic shutoff


  • 90° Angle Body
  • Straight Body

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

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