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PolluCom® C Thermal Energy Meter

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Our compact cartridge PolluCom® C thermal energy meter with coaxial connection is used to measure energy consumption in heating or cooling circuits.

The PolluCom® C can also be supplied as a combined heating/cooling meter. You can program the switch-over point between heating and cooling energy metering in this version. This makes plant specification corrections possible, even for already installed meters (e.g., for buildings with concrete core activation).

Benefits to you

  • Reduces costs and assembly work for the adaptation
  • Avoids additional sealing points
  • Is ideally applicable for ”6/12 °C chilling systems” due to temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 90 °C
  • Updates measuring values fast (2 seconds for temperatures, 4 seconds for energy and flow rate)
  • Provides password-protected parameter selections on the meter itself without additional peripheral equipment
  • Has a series of factory-fitted, optional modules for electronic meter reading and connection with building automation systems
  • Can be used with water glycol mixtures due to mechanical measuring principle
  • Has a settable correction factor for enthalpy for usage in water glycol systems
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  • Removable register
  • Standard optical data interface for reading with handheld systems
  • Tariff function for flexible heat consumption calculations (e.g., dependence on heating power or return flow temperature)
  • Storage of 16 “monthly values” of data to facilitate monthly energy consumption calculations
  • The integrator is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display showing eight figures in the main reading line and six figures in the subordinate reading line. Twelve additional characters support the reading
  • Option of entering M-bus secondary address and customer number directly into meter unit—without any other device


Directly compatible with Allmess, ISTA and TECHEM cartridge heat meters:

  • The PolluCom C/S RA is directly compatible with the Allmess heat meter models
  • The PolluCom C/S RI is directly compatible with the ISTA heat meter models
  • The PolluCom C/S RT is directly compatible with the TECHEM heat meter models
  • Pattern approval: DE-14-MI004-PTB008
  • Approval in class 2 according to EN 1434, measuring range (minimum to nominal flow) of 1:100 in horizontal and vertical fitting position)

The following modules are available for meter remote reading and data communication:

  • M-Bus according to EN 1434-3 with unlimited number of readouts
  • Mini-Bus for “garden gate reading” or as plug & play interface for radio reading systems, and others
  • M-Bus according to EN 1434-3 or Mini-Bus with two inputs for consumption meters with remote reading pulse output
  • Integrated data logger
  • Potential- and bounce-free remote reading pulses (1 kWh per pulse, only with the PolluCom C/S Split Version)

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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