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Introducing Sonix IQ Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Sonix IQ: The Smarter Meter for Gas AMI and Beyond

Our new ultrasonic residential meter gives gas utilities greater intelligence and control in a compact, durable design that reduces costs, improves customer service and protects their community.


While ultrasonic metering has been used in commercial and industrial metering for decades, strict North American outdoor standards for residential metering made it difficult to create an ultrasonic meter for residential applications that was cost competitive with Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) diaphragm meters plus radios.


In 2019, Sensus launched the Sonix IQ: an ultrasonic residential meter with a built-in two way radio plus advanced capabilities, such as remote shut-off, pressure monitoring and meter health alarms. The Sonix IQ gives gas utilities more data and control than an AMR-enabled diaphragm meter for roughly the same cost in a form factor that is half its size and weight.


With its advanced technology and comparable cost, Sonix IQ enables gas utilities to save money while giving their customers and communities a better, safer gas experience. What’s more, gas utilities can future-proof their gas distribution system using this smarter meter that can deliver Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) today as well as support a Smart Utility Network in the future.

Sonix IQ Meter

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  • 90-day hourly data logs featuring precise ultrasonic measurement
  • Alarms and auto shut-off when temperature or pressure thresholds are reached
  • Theft and tamper detection
  • Remote shut-off capability and configuration setup
  • Integrated two-way radio, yet entire meter is less than half the size and weight of a traditional mechanical meter
  • No moving measurement parts to wear out over time
  • Dual-class meter design supports both 250 and 400 class
  • 20-year battery life backed by a 20-year warranty

Benefits to you

Cost Savings
  • 400 class Sonix IQ is cheaper than a diaphragm meter with SmartPoint
  • Smaller size and lighter weight mean:
    • Lower transportation and storage costs
    • More flexible installation options
  • Remote control capability means fewer truck rolls 
Less Lost Revenue
  • Improved accuracy of consumption data means more accurate billing
  • Remote control capability means less lost revenue due to non-payment
  • Theft and tamper protection means less lost revenue

Benefits to your customers and community

More Information and Convenience
  • More accurate billing from more frequent, accurate reads
  • Bill forecasting and other account management capabilities made possible by more detailed data
  • Faster trouble shooting for customer service with meter health check data and remote control
  • Greater convenience for initiating and ending service with remote shut-off and turn-on
Improved Safety
  • Continuous health checks and auto shut-off means greater safety for utilities’ employees and customers
  • Remote control capability equals greater safety for utilities’ employees, customers, and community, especially first responders

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Meet the Sonix IQ

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There’s the same. Then there’s smart. Now there’s Sonix IQ.

A better meter is here. This powerful, compact ultrasonic residential gas meter monitors pressure and indicates system health, taking your gas utility to next-level smart. Plus, improved accuracy and safety features make for very happy consumers—and a better community.

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