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iConAPX Electricity Meter

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Our iCONAPX™ electricity meters are used for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. They provide stability in the evolving landscape of the smart grid. Today’s C&I electricity applications require a smart metering device with the flexibility to balance a wide variety of ever-changing factors and service quality demands.

Offering nearly 300 measurable quantities, iCONAPX meters deliver accuracy, reliability and quality. Combined with our FlexNet® communication network for advanced metering, electricity providers can easily configure, upgrade and customize the iCONAPX meter’s management platform for unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness.

Benefits to you

  • Provides reliable, one-piece construction
  • Communicates two-way over FlexNet network
  • Delivers accuracy, reliability and quality
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  • Accuracy exceeding ANSI C12.20 (Class 0.2)
  • Complete DC immunity
  • ANSI Standard Tables C12.18, C12.19 and C12.21
  • Universal base assembly
  • Patented auto-ranging power supply
  • Inversion-proof
  • Open architecture
  • Advanced user-friendly configuration software—iConFig


Form Factors:

  • 1S
  • 2S
  • 3S
  • 4S
  • 5S
  • 9S
  • 10A
  • 12S
  • 13A
  • 16S, 16A
  • 36S, 36A
  • 45S, 45A
  • 48A

Applicable Standards:

  • ANSI C12.1 Electricity Metering
  • ANSI C12.10 Watt-hour Meters
  • ANSI C12.18 Protocol Specification for ANSI Type II Optical Ports
  • ANSI C12.19 Utility Industry End Device Data Tables
  • ANSI C12.20 for 0.2 and 0.5 Accuracy Class Meters
  • ANSI C12.21 for Modern Communications
  • FCC Class B Emissions

For additional specifications, download the product data sheet.

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