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Sensus Releases “TouchCoupler” with Fast, Reliable Plug-In Technology – Press Release HTML Page

Sensus Metering Systems announces the release of its newest product, TouchCoupler. By matching “plug-and-play” simplicity with patented technology, TouchCoupler allows field personnel to install meter reading equipment in a matter of seconds.

Along with its ease of use, TouchCoupler allows customers using the Sensus ICE encoder register an easy and economical installation to the RadioRead System. It also enables existing TouchRead customers to upgrade to RadioRead by simply plugging the existing TouchRead sensor or TouchPad into our new RadioRead package. TouchCoupler eliminates the use of gel caps, pin connectors, and wiring from the AMR installation process.

The new product excels because of what it removes from the installation process. It eliminates the need for gel caps or wires, making both installation and reading the meter more accurate. It also eliminates house calls. With TouchCoupler, field personnel do not need access to an end-user’s home to upgrade a system. A fast installation at the pit or on top of the external pad is all that’s required.

“Keeping our customers productive and competitive means providing reliable, durable, accurate products that can be installed safely and quickly. TouchCoupler provides all of that in one package,” said Tim Harriger, marketing director of Sensus.

Sensus, one of the largest international multi-utility meter and metering systems providers, leveraged its staff of scientists to create the innovative technology behind TouchCoupler. Based on Sensus’ existing TouchRead technology, the TRPL or house-mount sensor is connected to a TouchCoupler radio. For touch pads, the TouchCoupler is mounted right on top of the pad in a matter of seconds. TouchCoupler is meant to be used in both pit and non-pit versions.

Attributes of TouchCoupler:

  • Reduced training: Because installation is one motion, training time is virtually eliminated.
  • Easy installation: Because the use of gel caps are unnecessary, installation is as simple as plugging a cord into a wall socket.
  • Upgrading potential: Metering systems with TouchRead technology can upgrade with minimal effort by using TouchCouplers user-friendly installation and data collection compatibility. For existing 2-wire applications TouchCoupler is ready to go. No additional wiring is required.
  • Improved performance: TouchCoupler eliminates the obstacle of meter signal interruption from underground pit conditions
  • Durability: Self-contained casing and wiring makes the TouchCoupler tough, sturdy and waterproof. No rusting or bent pins to consider.

Sensus will unveil TouchCoupler at the American Water Works Association Conference and Exhibition in June.

About Sensus Metering Systems

The Sensus Metering Systems companies are leading world-class providers of water, gas, heat and electric meters including comprehensive metering communications system solutions that comprise both automatic meter reading (“AMR”) and advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”) systems. Additional linked businesses include Smith-Blair, Inc. a leading provider of pipe clamp & coupling products for the water, gas, and industrial markets; and Sensus Precision Die Casting a producer of complex, high quality die castings.

Issued 6/10/2005

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