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News Release

Sensus Introduces Logic Data Analytics Software to Help Utilities Turn Information into Knowledge

Logic Provides Intelligence, Improved Customer Service and Flexibility

Utilities can now maximize the value of data collected from various devices, including meters, by efficiently managing, validating and presenting the data in useful formats with the help of Sensus Logic™ software. Logic is a modular AMI data analytics software platform that goes beyond traditional meter data management solutions. With Logic, utilities can create custom reports for improved billing, offer a customer portal and utilize leak detection and voltage monitoring applications. Logic software will be offered as part of the Sensus FlexNet™ utility communications system.

Utilities worldwide are adopting communications systems that provide millions more pieces of data than utilities once received. Many utilities struggle with this exponential increase of data, and by unlocking the knowledge available from this mountain of information, utilities can fully realize the benefits of their investment. The analytic tool set in Logic enables water, gas and electric utilities to turn this data into actionable knowledge. The core Logic software platform is equipped with all the features required to efficiently collect, store, validate, and manage data. With its vast customization options, Logic helps solve nearly any data related utility issue and is designed to improve key functional applications such as billing while incorporating a sophisticated platform to address more complex needs of a utility.

“Logic was designed with utilities and their customers in mind to manage the vast amount of data being collected with smart water network solutions such as AquaSense™,” said Doug McCall, Director of Marketing for Sensus. “This platform enables people and technology to work hand in hand to help manage and conserve energy and our finite supply of fresh water.”

Functionality and customization are outstanding components of Logic. Logic seamlessly integrates with Sensus’ renowned FlexNet communications network and features add-on modules such as a consumer portal, advanced reporting and advanced systems integration. The software has been tested for compliance with the latest MultiSpeak 4.1 specification, the most widely applied interoperability software standard in North America.

“For utilities looking to operate more efficiently, Logic’s virtualization capabilities enable aggregation of water or energy usage data for several commercial properties, such as fast food restaurant locations or real estate holdings,” said McCall. “This type of capability is just one of the many reasons that Logic is a logical solution to today’s needs.”

Sensus will be demonstrating Logic software in Booth # 1713 at the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Exposition June 10-14 in Dallas, Texas. Logic will be available to customers in North America in the third quarter of 2012.

About Sensus

Sensus is a leading utility infrastructure company offering smart meters, communication systems, software and services for the electric, gas, and water industries. Sensus technology helps utilities drive operational efficiency and customer engagement with applications that include advanced meter reading, data acquisition, demand response, distribution automation, home area networking and outdoor lighting control. Customers worldwide trust the innovation, quality and reliability of Sensus solutions for the intelligent use and conservation of energy and water.

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