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News Release

Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Takes Big Leap Forward with Big Data from Sensus

Technology enables utility to spot trends, troubleshoot and prepare for the future

(Click to Tweet) – Every month, Berkeley County Water & Sanitation (BCWS) connects more than 100 new customers. That’s a lot of data points, and when the utility moved from manual meter readings to remote readings, the amount of information grew even more.

“Data by itself isn’t enough,” said Terry Hughes, water distribution superintendent, BCWS. “You have to understand it and turn it into intelligence you can act upon. But that’s not an easy task, and we needed help.”

Making sense of all that data in a way that benefits all 24,000 customers was the job of April Shuler, 15-year BCWS employee and data management supervisor. The path forward actually started back in 2006 when BCWS first implemented radio read capabilities. The next step was to add the Sensus FlexNet® communication system, a long-range radio network that enables the utility to remotely monitor and manage their distribution assets. Recently, BCWS updated their system with the Sensus® Logic MDM™ Application Suite.

“The information I receive helps me make informed decisions,” said Shuler. “With it, I have a clear snapshot of what’s going on and how to leverage our network to better serve our customers.” With this information, the utility can:

  • Notify customers of potential leaks
  • Monitor inactive accounts on a daily basis
  • Equip crews with the right parts to resolve the issue in one call
  • Read all meters on the same day
  • Analyze data to spot trends, troubleshoot and prepare for the future

No matter how many more new residents put down stakes in the Palmetto state’s largest county, Berkeley County can leverage its smart water network to provide service for its residents with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Read the case study to learn more about the utility’s smart water network.


  • Awash in usage data from its 24,000 customers, BCWS turned to Sensus for a way to turn that data into knowledge.
  • Sensus technology helps BCWS make informed decisions by providing a clear snapshot of what’s going on in their growing community.
  • Able to make data-driven decisions and better plan for the future, BCWS provides service with greater efficiency and accuracy—no matter how many new residents arrive.

Data by itself isn’t enough. You have to understand it and turn it into intelligence you can act upon.

Terry Hughes

Water Distribution Superintendent, Berkeley County Water & Sanitation

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