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Sensus iConA Gen 4 Residential Electric Meter

 The better way to measure, monitor and protect.


You want a residential electric meter that can do it all. The Sensus iConA™ Gen 4 has expanded measuring, monitoring and protection capabilities that support real-time actionable information for you and your customers. With approximately 10 million electric meters across North America, utilities trust Sensus to deliver innovative capabilities in a durable, intelligent meter.

The iConA Gen 4 is designed to meet utility needs and customer demands while delivering returns on your investment for years to come. It’s packed with better ways to measure, monitor and protect right out of the box, and you choose whether to enable them all now or as your needs grow.

The iConA Gen 4 is the meter designed for today and ready for tomorrow.


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Call your sales representative* to see for yourself. We’ll bring you a Sensus iConA Gen 4 meter to evaluate.


Improve your billing data
Sensus Enhanced Supervisory Message (ESM) technology supports up to four channels of ANSI C12.19 load profile with multiple interval lengths including Wh, VARh and VAh to meet all your billing needs.

Implement rate structures in meter with more TOU support.
For your Time of Use (TOU) needs today and functionality to support your utility’s TOU requirements tomorrow.


Monitor performance with system snapshots
Don’t be left in the dark. Sensus ESM technology supports the ability to take up to 15 system snapshots to monitor voltage, temperature, current, sags and more.

AMI opt-out without network disruption
The iConA Gen 4 supports an innovative new opt-out feature which turns all radio transmissions off. Each meter’s RF transmissions can be wirelessly turned on and off individually, without disrupting your end point’s monitoring, measuring and reporting capabilities. When turned off, the meter’s “listen mode” is still supported so AMI capabilities can be reactivated remotely at a later date.

More data in the same bandwidth
Sensus continues to invest in FlexNet improvements, enabling utilities to fit more data into their RF bandwidth. The iConA Gen 4 meter comes equipped with Sensus’ latest radio technology.


Industry-leading temperature detection
All Sensus meters meet ANSI standards, the iConA Gen 4 exceeds them and has the optional capability to notify or take action in case of high temperature events.

Over class amp detection capabilities
Identify, notify and take action to protect against overload conditions with this optional capability.

Real-world moisture protection
Our culture of continuous improvement exceeds ANSI standards to take water and humidity protection to the next level.

The Sensus iConA Gen 4 tamper detection
With the iConA Gen 4 you can add energy in the forward direction if the meter is inverted, send an alarm in a reverse energy configuration, distinguish socket removal from a power outage, send an alarm to Sensus’ FlexNet head-end software and enable support for in-the-field location of stolen meters.

Lost meter recovery
Our meters watch out for each other. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our meters are equipped with a tamper/power fail alarm to notify you when a meter is removed. And, using FlexNet technology, you will be able to determine the new meter location for quick recovery.

Always Improving

We set the standard in support of ANSI tables
The iConA Gen 4 was built from the ground up to be ANSI table compliant.

IPv6 supported
When used with the Sensus FlexNet utility management platform, the iConA Gen 4 supports expanded IPv6 functionality and 256-bit encryption.

Tough and tested for long lifecycles
We have designed and tested the iConA Gen 4 to deliver payback on your investment for years to come.


iConA Gen 4 Meter Features:
  • C12.19 Table Support
    All applicable ANSI tables supported
  • TOU Bins
    7 TOU Tiers, 8 Seasons, 24 holidays, Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
  • Energy Registers
    6 Energies, 6 Demands
  • Demand Reset
    Demand resettable on local or remote command, on daily self-read, or schedulable
  • Load Profile
    4 Channels (5,15,30,60)
  • Snapshots
    Up to 15 configurable snapshots
  • Advanced High Temperature
  • kVAR, kVARh, kVA and kVAh
  • Opt Out Capability
  • IPv6

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