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With the shift to hydrogen comes an increased need for metering gas blends ranging from 5%-100% hydrogen. These meters will be required throughout the supply chain as hydrogen is transported from production to end use.

Turbo Meters

Sensus manufactures a line of industry-leading turbine meters that can be used throughout the hydrogen supply chain, including:


Measuring feedstock gases as well as hydrogen output


Measuring gas supplied by producer to transmission company


Measuring gas supplied directly to large-scale end users as well as to utilities for distribution

We produce a full assortment of turbine meters designed to support each of these applications and capable of measuring gas blends up to 100% hydrogen.

Mark II Turbo Meters

Mark II Turbo Meter

Designed for small to medium C&I applications, such as hospitals.
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Auto-Adjust II Turbo Meters

Auto-Adjust II Turbo Meters

Cover high- or low-pressure applications for large volumes, such as power plants, large-scale manufacturing, and custody transfer stations.
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