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: Regulator

243 Commercial Natural Gas Regulators

Natural Gas Regulators with Large Capacity for Big Performance 243 commercial industrial service regulators are large capacity and designed for a wide range of commercial, industrial and gas distribution applications. They are ideal for pressure factor measurement, pressure compensated metering, fixed-factor billing and more. Their smart design offers great field versatility. With a union connection […] 

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441-X57 and 461-X57 High Pressure Regulators

Our Model 461-X57 and Model 441-X57 regulators are unique high-pressure, large-capacity, spring-operated regulators. These high-pressure regulators incorporate the same “roll-out” diaphragm principal that is so successful in our widely used 461-57S and 441-57S medium-pressure regulator models. Both regulators offer pilot-type performance with spring-operated regulator simplicity. The action of the roll-out diaphragm makes the regulators’ exceptional […] 

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461-S Lower Pressure Regulator

Versatile, Dependable, Accurate and Fast Our family of 461-S low-pressure regulators are balanced-valve, spring-type regulators for distribution and industrial applications. Because of their simple design, sturdy construction and fast response, they are exceptionally dependable. Contoured body passages reduce turbulence in gas flow. Operation is sensitive and stable, and servicing and adjusting are easy. These models […] 

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441-57S and 461-57S Medium Pressure Regulators

Depend on These Workhorses for High Performance and Fast Response Our Model 461-57S and Model 441-57S medium pressure regulators are spring-operated regulators that incorporate a “roll-out” diaphragm, similar to the performance found in pilot-operated regulators. The action of the roll-out diaphragm reduces “droop” (the fall off in outlet pressure as a spring regulator opens to […] 

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046 Field Regulators

Enhance Operational Safety in High-Pressure Gas Applications Our 046 field and high-pressure gas regulators combine simple design and rugged construction for exceptional performance and operational safety. They feature dependable, flexible and economical answers for pounds-to-pounds pressure regulation applications. The 046 family of high-pressure gas regulators are easy to install, adjust, inspect and service in all […] 

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QR-S Mechanical Damping Device

Improve pressure control on commercial and industrial operations and enhance the speed of response on pressure regulators with the Sensus QR-S mechanical damping device. This patent-pending device lowers your energy cost with high-efficiency burners and boilers. By simply removing a regulator’s spring tower cap and installing the QR-S in its place, this device prevents high […] 

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Service 243-RPC Pilot-Operated Regulators

Sensus Model 243-RPC regulators are based on our rugged Model 243 regulator with a smaller, secondary control regulator that senses regulated pressure and then operates the main valve to control the overall flow of gas. They offer exceptionally precise regulation and are accurate to within ± 0.5% (absolute outlet pressure) from minimum to wide-open flow. […] 

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121 and 122 Industrial Combustion Regulators

Achieve greater capacity, higher inlet pressure, more accurate performance and a faster response for higher volume commercial/industrial applications with our industrial combustion regulators. These regulators provide an unbeatable combination of capacity, performance and economy. In most applications, our design allows you to use a smaller regulator than other brands for primary control or monitoring, or […] 

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