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Grid Edge

Easily monitor and centrally control the grid edge.

The advantages of a point-to-multipoint communication network are simple—lightning fast communications without the profound complexity of a decentralized network architecture. For utilities to truly realize the utopia of grid modernization, communicating reliably with the grid edge is a critical part of the equation.

Keeping pace with an evolving electrical grid

The electric grid of tomorrow will look vastly different from the one we see today.  Innovative technologies are disrupting the traditional power delivery model.  From distributed power generation and power delivery to the impending influx of electric vehicles, the grid is transforming. And with advanced smart meter technology coming commonplace, utilities now have access to vast amounts of data.  Meanwhile, there is still the need to monitor, control and maintain a reliable grid infrastructure.

A network with the capacity to support near real-time connectivity

The powerful FlexNet communications network rapidly connects to the edge by transmitting and receiving data at twice the strength of competitive systems.  Additionally, by leveraging a two-way, channelized structure FlexNet can communicate with edge devices and applications quickly and securely.  This allows you to implement advanced grid applications such as distribution automation, demand response, phase detection, conservation voltage reduction and distributed energy resources without the complexity and cost of a decentralized communications structure.


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