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The 2018 Smart Water Utility Mission Statement

The modern public water system faces many challenges that systems in the past did not need to consider. These challenges include:

  • Is my water system data sufficient, or could I use more?
  • Is my data as accurate as it can be?
  • Do my devices—meters, analyzers, handheld sensors, etc.—communicate and store information effectively?
  • Is the data transmitted in the right intervals?
  • Is the latency level acceptable for my application?
  • Do the data and analytics lead to actions that improve operations?

All of these challenges can be summed up in a single question facing water utilities today—“How can I use my existing assets and the advanced technologies the industry now offers to optimize my system and make my utility a Smart Water Utility?”

After reading this e-Book, you will have a better understanding of approaches to meet these challenges through helpful sections including:

  • The Modern Public Water System
  • Getting Smarter About Your Water Loss
  • Smart Water Success Stories
  • The Smart Utility of the Future


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