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Electric AMI Request for Proposal Template

Are you considering purchasing an electric AMI solution? If so, then you’ve probably started the arduous process of developing the dreaded, but often necessary, Request for Proposal (RFP). We understand your pain. That’s why we’ve created a handy 17-page template, packed full of information to kickstart the process for you. After combing through hundreds of […] 

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Next Generation Smart Water: Non-Revenue Water Reduction

Water utilities around the world face the challenge of finding the right balance between investing to develop natural water resources (e.g. new water reservoirs, dams and aquifer boreholes) or investing to ensure the most efficient use of labour, finance, equipment and technologies needed to manage the water network more effectively. Both excessive consumption and excessive […] 

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Leakage and Pressure Management: Reducing Non-Revenue Water Loss

Water utilities around the globe face the challenge of not only measuring water consumption and billing their customers accurately, but to also saving water proactively. Leaks and burst pipes can be a major pain-point for utilities. Non-revenue water (NRW) can take various shapes, from a leak that is not detected by the utility over time, […] 

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Electromagnetic Meters for the Indian Market

India has a water distribution problem, brought about by climate change, rapid industrialization, a growing population and a water supply network that has not kept up with demand. Currently, the water supply is often rationed across different districts by “key turners,” who turn it off for hours a day. However, this approach, alongside the condition […] 

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Improving Utility Performance Through Analytics: Market Research Report

Together with Utility Analytics Institute (UAI), Sensus surveyed utilities across the board and found some common ground around their biggest business and operating challenges today, and how data and analytics can help them counter these while increasing value across the enterprise. Utilities are an industry at odds. Behind in necessary investments to replace dated infrastructure […] 

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Next Generation Smart Water: Your Solution to Global Water Challenges

The climate changes sweeping across the globe put untold pressure on water networks at both extremes; some areas are water stressed and others are prone to increased rainfall and flooding which take their toll on the amount of infrastructure needed to address the problem. The excess water requires treatment and pumping which exponentially increases the […] 

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Augmentez vos revenus grâce aux nouvelles technologies de comptage commercial

Les revenus des services publics de l’eau stagnent. La plupart des compteurs d’eau à usage commercial peuvent faire face aux débits d’eau élevés des clients commerciaux, mais ces mêmes compteurs ont souvent des difficultés à mesurer les bas débits d’eau et à conserver des lectures précises au fil du temps et lors de conditions de […] 

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Mettre l’intelligence au service du comptage de l’eau

Les services publics de l’eau sont sous pression en raison des coûts de main-d’œuvre et de l’énergie de plus en plus élevés et focalisent leur attention sur l’amélioration de l’efficacité opérationnelle. Avec de nouveaux choix en termes de technologies de mesure du débit, les services publics peuvent améliorer les coûts et acquérir des avantages sur […] 

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Prendre la mesure des technologies avancées de comptage de l’eau

Les progrès récents réalisés dans le domaine de la métrologie de l’eau permettent la mise au point de solutions de comptage pour les services publics qui les aideront à engranger davantage de recettes, fournir des renseignements opérationnels sans précédent, réduire les coûts associés à la détention et au fonctionnement des compteurs et protéger les ressources […] 

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