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Philadelphia Selects Sensus for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Upgrade

Smart water technology will enhance operational efficiency and customer service

The City of Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) has selected Sensus, a Xylem brand, through a competitive request for proposal process, to deliver smart water technology for its Metering and Customer Service Program. PWD provides services to more than 1.7 million people in Philadelphia.

“Our AMI deployment will provide us with real time access to detailed water usage data, enhancing our customer service and empowering our customers to better manage their water usage,” said Water Commissioner Debra McCarty. “The Sensus solution will enable our customers to receive leak detection notifications that can help avoid unexpectedly high water bills.”

With the Sensus AMI solution, the City of Philadelphia’s more than 1.7 million water customers will receive leak detection notifications that can help avoid unexpectedly high water bills.

The city will begin deployment of the Sensus FlexNet® communication network and approximately 480,000 SmartPoint® radio transceivers for its existing water meters over the next three years. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution allows for daily water meter reads and the data is automatically transmitted
to PWD.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with the City of Philadelphia on its smart water journey,” said Mike McGann, Vice President, Sensus Americas. “Our solution will help streamline city water operations thanks to smart metering capabilities such as meter malfunction alerts, leak detection and tamper alarms.”

Sensus participated in the city’s successful AMI pilot demonstration last year.

  • The City of Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) selected Sensus to deliver smart water technology to its more than 1.7 million customers.
  • The Sensus Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution will allow PWD to receive automatic daily water usage data.
  • The three-year deployment will include the FlexNet communication network and SmartPoint radio transceivers.
  • Sensus’ AMI solution will help PWD’s customers to monitor their usage and receive leak detection notifications, allowing for better understanding of their bills.
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