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Distributed Grid Resource Management

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Create a grid that is more connected, more visible and more easily controlled

Imagine entering the dog days of summer with the confidence and ability to deliver power because you can shed load in real-time. Now imagine being able to monitor grid edge assets like smart inverters, EV/PHEV chargers, and distributed storage, and incorporate them into your distribution operations. All this is possible…and more.

The proliferation of distributed energy resources has greatly changed the landscape of the distribution system. The traditional one-way flow of electricity is now bi-directional, bringing great challenges as well as intriguing load management opportunities.

A crucial component of realizing these opportunities is for the utility to increase its visibility and control across the grid. By using a network that reaches the entire distribution system, meters, and beyond, utilities can connect to new assets and realize increased operational efficiency while building a more resilient and flexible grid.

Our Solution

The Sensus FlexNet communication network leverages open standards and industry accepted application protocols to provide a complete picture of your distributed grid. With FlexNet, you have a powerful network that enables Distribution Automation solutions, Demand Response applications, and has the capability to monitor and control behind-the-meter assets. FlexNet provides you with the data you need, when you need it, and where you need it—enhancing the management of your distribution system.

The electric utility landscape is in a state of transformation. Having a smart grid communications network that can evolve with the changes is a critical piece of the equation.

Benefits to you

  • Monitor distributed generation output
  • Monitor inverter outputs
  • Optimize use of storage assets as loads and supplies
  • Increase system efficiency
  • Improve grid stability
  • Reduce peak loads to better manage generation and wholesale purchase costs
  • Helps balance energy supply and demand
  • Lower costs for producing and purchasing power
  • Improve safety through greater system visibility

Benefits to your customers

  • Conserve energy
  • Lower monthly bills
  • Maximize quality of service

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