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The Utility’s Guide to Evaluating Network as a Service (NaaS)

The AMI network is the backbone to your daily business operations. Utilities must carefully consider many factors when choosing a Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. This white paper serves as a tool to guide your decision making process. Understand what to look for, questions to ask, and options to consider as you research communication […] 

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Electric AMI Request for Proposal Template

Are you considering purchasing an electric AMI solution? If so, then you’ve probably started the arduous process of developing the dreaded, but often necessary, Request for Proposal (RFP). We understand your pain. That’s why we’ve created a handy 17-page template, packed full of information to kickstart the process for you. After combing through hundreds of […] 

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Four Fundamental Pillars for a Robust and Mission-Critical IoT Communication Network

Mission-Critical IoT is the term used to describe the intelligent network utility companies implement to enable near-real-time communication of their water, electricity and gas networks. A failure in any of these networks could result in catastrophic consequences for consumers and untold financial losses for the utilities. The critical aspect these networks represent mandates the importance […] 

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Improving Utility Performance Through Analytics: Market Research Report

Together with Utility Analytics Institute (UAI), Sensus surveyed utilities across the board and found some common ground around their biggest business and operating challenges today, and how data and analytics can help them counter these while increasing value across the enterprise. Utilities are an industry at odds. Behind in necessary investments to replace dated infrastructure […] 

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Modern Electricity Meter Safety, Accuracy and Performance Testing

The bar for smart meters is changing. Electricity meter design continues to evolve, but has meter performance testing kept pace? Sensus and EnerNex, the electric power research and consulting firm, answer that and other questions in Modern Electricity Meter Safety, Accuracy and Performance Testing. After reading this report, you’ll have a fresh perspective on modern […] 

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Seguridad y adaptabilidad de las comunicaciones de red de las empresas de suministro público

Las empresas de suministro público se han lanzado a la implementación de redes de comunicaciones avanzadas, que son un componente de la red inteligente (Smart Grid). Estas redes son abiertas y tienen un gran alcance, lo que permite aprovechar las ventajas de la infraestructura avanzada para contadores (AMI), pero estas mismas características pueden hacerlas vulnerables […] 

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Comunicaciones de red inteligente inalámbricas (Smart Grid): Comparación entre un sistema mallado y uno punto a multipunto

Las empresas de suministros públicos han descubierto las ventajas de las comunicaciones inalámbricas y ahora es habitual que las implanten para lectura automática de contadores (AMR), infraestructura avanzada para contadores (AMI), automatización de la distribución (DA) y control de supervisión y adquisición de datos (SCADA). Actualmente son dos los planteamientos que dominan en el sector […] 

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