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Mitigating the Impact of Unintentional Islanding on Electric Utility Transmission Systems from Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed energy resources (DERs) introduce an element of variability and unpredictability that adds complexity to distribution planning efforts. Unintentional islanding of interconnected systems can lead to sustained overvoltage conditions and bidirectional power flow. This poses a serious threat to both employee safety and grid reliability. Traditional protection schemes such as Direct Transfer Trips (DTT) offer […] 

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Security in AMI Water Networks

With the growing sophistication of cybercriminals and rising attacks against key infrastructure, the issue of security in the water industry is more prominent than ever before. As connected devices like smart meters are used more frequently, it is critical that water companies provide sufficient network security to ensure that customer data is securely protected. In […] 

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Creating the Digital Utility

The digital revolution is growing at an exponential rate. As the volume of data collection and exchange builds momentum, the time is ripe for utilities to reap the benefits that turning ’digital’ involves. In this white paper, we offer a practical guide to what strategic and measurable benefits data can bring to a water company […] 

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The Utility’s Guide to Evaluating Network as a Service (NaaS)

The AMI network is the backbone to your daily business operations. Utilities must carefully consider many factors when choosing a Network as a Service (NaaS) provider. This white paper serves as a tool to guide your decision making process. Understand what to look for, questions to ask, and options to consider as you research communication […] 

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Sensus RF Radio Safety

Electromagnetic radiation is a natural phenomenon that is vital to human existence. It is everywhere around us, be it the visible light illuminating all we see, and natural or man-made radio waves. However, while it is an inherent part of the universe, some are concerned about potential detrimental effects, which has led to confusion and […] 

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Four Fundamental Pillars for a Robust and Mission-Critical IoT Communication Network

Mission-Critical IoT is the term used to describe the intelligent network utility companies implement to enable near-real-time communication of their water, electricity and gas networks. A failure in any of these networks could result in catastrophic consequences for consumers and untold financial losses for the utilities. The critical aspect these networks represent mandates the importance […] 

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Cómo alcanzar una fiabilidad predecible

Cuando un técnico de una empresa de suministro público se dispone a elegir un sistema de comunicación de datos, necesita tener en cuenta muchos factores. Se trata de una inversión sustancial y además está sometida a la inspección rigurosa de las agencias normativas y de los clientes. Una de las decisiones más inteligentes que un […] 

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Seguridad y adaptabilidad de las comunicaciones de red de las empresas de suministro público

Las empresas de suministro público se han lanzado a la implementación de redes de comunicaciones avanzadas, que son un componente de la red inteligente (Smart Grid). Estas redes son abiertas y tienen un gran alcance, lo que permite aprovechar las ventajas de la infraestructura avanzada para contadores (AMI), pero estas mismas características pueden hacerlas vulnerables […] 

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Comunicaciones de red inteligente inalámbricas (Smart Grid): Comparación entre un sistema mallado y uno punto a multipunto

Las empresas de suministros públicos han descubierto las ventajas de las comunicaciones inalámbricas y ahora es habitual que las implanten para lectura automática de contadores (AMR), infraestructura avanzada para contadores (AMI), automatización de la distribución (DA) y control de supervisión y adquisición de datos (SCADA). Actualmente son dos los planteamientos que dominan en el sector […] 

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