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PolluCom® F Thermal Energy Meter


The new PolluCom F is Sensus’ next generation mechanical thermal energy meter following the successful PolluCom E with multiple new features.

A major new feature is that the PolluCom F is now equipped with wireless communication to integrate the energy measurement into your heating network solution.

Besides the data communication, the PolluCom F gives you reliability of the measurements with a technology, which is more than 45 years approved.

Benefits to you

  • Optional communications easy to be integrated to different reading and billing programs
  • Battery lifetime up to 13 years
  • Big size storage of the historical data
  • Ideally applicable for “6/12 °C cooling systems” due to temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 90 °C
  • Updates measuring values quickly (4 seconds for temperatures, 4 seconds for energy and flow rate)
  • Password-protected parameter selections on the meter itself; no additional peripheral equipment needed
  • Optional, factory-fitted modules for electronic meter reading and connection with building automation systems
  • Can be used with water glycol mixtures due to mechanical measuring principle
  • Provides a pre-settable correction factor for enthalpy for usage in water glycol systems
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  • Available wireless M-Bus communication OMS T1 and C1, compatible with Sensus Diavaso and other OMS wireless M-Bus certified systems
  • New user friendly enclosure design
  • Configurable and high speed data telegram for M-Bus data transmission
  • Integrated data logger
  • Optionally available with removable integrator for narrow installation sites: PolluCom F/S with approximately 5 m connection cable
  • Standard optical interface
  • Tariff function for flexible heat & cooling consumption calculations (e.g., dependence on heat & cooling power or return flow temperature)
  • The integrator is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD showing eight figures in the main reading line and six figures in the subordinate reading line. Twelve additional characters support the reading
  • Option of entering M-Bus secondary address and customer number directly into meter unit without any other device


  • Pattern approval: DE-19-MI004-PTB002
  • Approval in class 2 according to EN 1434, measuring range (minimum to nominal flow) of 1:100 in horizontal and vertical fitting position
  • Regarding meter remote reading and data communication the following modules are available:
    • Wireless M-Bus according to EN 13757-4 and OMS 4.0.2 certified
    • M-Bus according to EN 1434-3 with two inputs for consumption meters with remote reading pulse output
    • Integrated data logger
    • Potential- and bounce-free remote reading pulses (1 kWh per pulse)

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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