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Introducing DIAVASO Mobile Application Suite

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The DIAVASO app suite consists of 5 individual apps for remote meter reading using smartphones or tablets.

Your entry into the world of DIAVASO. With Essentials you can detect, locate, activate radio and read any meter within the range of the SensusRF radio transceiver SIRT. View all SensusRF meters and 3rd party wireless M-Bus compliant meters even without route preparation via the app and check the meter readout status, radio connectivity and event notifications.

Collection Mobile is a client-server-based solution aimed to simplify the management of the meter readout process. It consists of two elements: the Collection Mobile app and web portal. The web portal provides an interface to manage the meter reading process, workflows, settings, reporting and data exchange with the billing system. The app provides the means to collect the meter data and upload it back to the server.

Collection Station offers automatic route reading functions for drive-by meter reading or automated meter reading in small scale fixed networks. In drive-by ‘Mobile Mode’, the meter data from the route read can be synchronised with the server automatically or manually. In fixed network ‘Stationary Mode’, it can be programmed to provide scheduled meter reading.

This comprehensive readout and configuration tool for installers and service technicians allows for on-site analysis by accessing SEMI data and re-configure data logger parameters. Configure and assign endpoints to routes, view event statuses, manage alarms and set up fixed date reading. Check and activate the radio of endpoints and configure radio links and SRF repeater locations.

Access and download data logger information and fixed date reading data through multiple downloads and export tables in CSV format or graphs in PNG format. Sort and filter the downloaded data for in-depth analysis.

DIAVASO turns water into data so your work can flow.

The DIAVASO suite is more than just software. It is a clever system that supports your meter reading with fast and easy mobile solutions. DIAVASO consists of five individual apps which can be used separately or in combination, depending on your requirements for remote meter reading (AMR) or small-scale fixed network (AMR+).

The DIAVASO apps provide all the features and capabilities you need to read and manage your meters as efficiently as possible. The apps run on Android devices and communicate with the SensusRF radio transceiver SIRT (Sensus Interface Radio Tool) as well as wireless M-Bus capable third-party meters to provide meter installation, remote reading, maintenance and the configuration of meters and SRF repeaters.

The Collection Mobile app includes a server-based interface (web portal) for managing the meter reading workflow, reporting as well as data exchange with the billing system. For customers who want to start the digital journey DIAVASO Essential is the right app to get “smart ready”, offering basic functionality to locate, read and health check your meters.

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  • User-friendly, modular apps for an improved meter reading workflow
  • Easy management of walk-by/drive-by and stationary meter reading
  • Simultaneous and safe meter reading even of inaccessible end points
  • High data security with leakage-, tampering- and backflow-detection
  • No infrastructure or configuration required – simply download the app
  • Each app is available in 16 languages and can be used independently

Security and Data Protection

To ensure optimal security, the communication of sensitive data is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access. Sensus offers a variety of different hosting- and server options. The provision of
DIAVASO services comply with the following international ISO standards according to information
security, cloud security, data protection requirements, and the provision of secure DIAVASO services.

  • ISO/IEC 20000 – International standard for service management
  • ISO/IEC 27001 – International standard for information security management
  • ISO/IEC 27017 – Security standard for cloud service providers and users
  • ISO/IEC 27701 – Privacy extension to ISO/IEC 270001 for privacy information security

SensusRF – License Free Radio

SensusRF is an advanced radio communication system for retrieving data from meter endpoints and providing it for further processing and analysis. It offers a pathway to upgrade from mobile reading in walk-by/drive-by systems, to fixed infrastructure for remote reading of end points, without any changes required.

SIRT – Mobile Communication Solution

With DIAVASO it is easy to support a mixed deployment of SensusRF and M-Bus using one common set of tools and apps – ensuring greater efficiency. The Sensus Interface Radio Tool (SIRT) is your link between the DIAVASO Apps and all SensusRF enabled meters as well as wireless M-Bus capable third-party meters.

The long-lasting battery-powered radio modem connects to the handheld device running DIAVASO via Bluetooth. It provides two internal antennas to forward radio messages from the strongest signal received (antenna diversity capability).

Uni– and bidirectional Communication

Built for a smarter water network

Xylem’s SensusRF-compatible meters in combination with SIRT and DIAVASO enable you to manage distribution networks much more efficiently, providing accurate and reliable data, whatever the installation and environmental conditions. With the multiple communication options, you can easily migrate from a walk-by/drive-by AMR systems to a fixed network AMI solution for near real time data communication.

Complementary Products

DIAVASO works perfectly with the Sensus product range. Connect it to commercial and industrial meters, thermal energy meters or residential meters. DIAVASO supports any third-party meters that are compliant with wireless M-Bus.

PolluCom® F

PolluCom® F

Thermal energy meter


Clip on radio module to retrofit with SensusRF.


Commerical and industrial water meter with electronic register


Smart ultrasonic water metering with integrated LoRaWAN and wireless M-Bus.
iPERL® (International) Water Meters

iPERL® (International) Water Meters

Solid-state smart water meters with integrated bi-directional communications.
DomoJet® R

DomoJet® R

Single-jet water meter with integrated electronic register.
DomoMUK® R

DomoMUK® R

Multi-jet dry dial meter with integrated electronic register for sub-metering applications.
PolluStat® Thermal Energy Meter

PolluStat® Thermal Energy Meter

Compact ultrasonic meter measures energy in heating or cooling circuits

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