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DomoMUK® R


The DomoMUK® R is the Sensus/Xylem next-generation multi-jet dry dial meter with integrated electronic register and optimized design for sub-metering applications. It has a universal, usable measuring cartridge as the metrological base unit. When used in conjunction with the appropriate housings, it can cover most normal applications in the domestic sphere.

The DomoMUK R water meter has an integrated electronic register with LCD, thanks to the wireless M-bus OMS certified communication protocol it perfectly meets the European EED communication requirement.

You can use directly compatible versions of the measuring cartridge. DomoMUK has 12 different variants which are directly compatible with most common competitors’ housings in the market. It provides complete metrological safety as indicated by the appropriate PTB approvals.

Benefits to You

  • Integrated electronic register is for direct integration into OMS compliant AMR remote readout systems
  • Longterm data logging (storage of 1 due date value, 15 monthly values and 480 daily values)
  • Backflow and manipulation detection
  • Notifications for leakage and pipe burst
  • NFC communication for easy parameterization
  • 12 different variants cover most common housings available on the market, directly compatible with competitors’ housings
  • Metrological Ratio R80H/R40V well suited for sub-metering cost allocation purpose
  • IP68 protection rate suitable for indoor usage
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  • Measuring cartridge meter for all applications in the apartment and office
  • Integrated electronic register with wireless M-Bus OMS certified communication
  • Multi-jet completely dry dial meter with IP68 protection class
  • Long-term data logging (storage of 1 due date value, 15 monthly values and 480 daily values)
  • Starting flow rate 3 l/h
  • Battery life up to 7 years
  • Suitable up to 50 °C as a cold water meter and up to 90 °C as a hot water meter



The DomoMUK R is also available in a form directly compatible with the following marks:

  • DomoMUK R – MUK with Sensus Residia MUK
  • DomoMUK R – IST with ISTA Istameter and SIEMENS cartridge meter 2″
  • DomoMUK R – A34 with ALLMESS UP6000
  • DomoMUK R – DM1 with Deltamess TRK
  • DomoMUK R – MOC with ELSTER/Honeywell MOE / MOC
  • DomoMUK R – MOE with ELSTER/Honeywell MOE / MOC
  • DomoMUK R – HT2 with Metrona 307/1
  • DomoMUK R – MB2 with Minol MB2
  • DomoMUK R – MB3 with Minol MB3
  • DomoMUK R – MET with Metrona/Brunata HT3
  • DomoMUK R – WE1 with Wehrle Unterputz
  • DomoMUK R – TE1 with Techem UP TE1
  • DomoMUK R – WGU with Wassergeräte

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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