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PolluTherm® F Integrator


The PolluTherm® F integrator measures energy consumption in heating or cooling circuits. PolluTherm F can also be used for dedicated applications which combine one circuit for heating and cooling.

The PolluTherm® in combination with our ultrasonic flow sensor PolluFlow plus our compact (all-in-one) Thermal Energy meter PolluStat® make up a perfect team to easily solve and maintain any 5°C to 90°C/PN16 application.

Benefits to you

Simplifies stock-keeping

  • All accessories are the same for PolluStat® and PolluTherm® F
  • All communication options are also available as a retro-fit module, e.g. wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus), LoRaWAN (design/process: Elvaco), NB-IoT, wired M-Bus, Modbus, diverse pulse in- and output combinations.

Optional External Power Supply 230V or 24V

Connects all paired temperature sensors Pt 500 in two-wire technology
Soft key / direct display parameterization when the amount of detected energy is still ≤ 10 kWh or installation mode has not jet passed for

  • The flow sensor’s point of installation, so warmer or colder pipe
  • Energy Unit kWh/MWh/GJ

PolluTherm® F with Ultrasonic Flow sensor PolluFlow

  • Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Threads 5-90°/PN16 qp0,6 to qp10
  • (G3/4” for R1/2” to G2” for R1½”, DN15 to DN40)
  • Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Flange 5-90°/PN16 qp0,6 to qp60 DN15 to DN100
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