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Webinar – Non-Revenue Water

Matching the Right Tool to the Right Job

Thu, Feb 4, 2021 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

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In today’s marketplace there are many resources available to water utilities for mitigating real loss, but it can difficult to discern where and when to use the various tools and techniques. The water audit provides a high-level quantification of real losses but doesn’t inform on exactly where the losses are occurring. Ground mics, correlators, or inline tools are effective tools for pinpointing loss; but are labor-intensive and costly. Monitoring systems can focus on these more expensive or labor-intensive tools where they are most likely to be successful and alert utilities of new problems. Just like the hammer and the screwdriver have a place in the toolbox, so do the different water loss tools. By focusing on the tools application, strengths, and weakness through the use of case studies, this presentation presents an overview of monitoring technologies and how they can guide more effective water loss control plans.

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