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Bad König deploys Sensus iPERL

Initial deployment of 1,600 iPERL smart water meter proves advantages of the system – maximum metrological performance and efficient radio technology. Further installation of 2,400 iPERL meters to follow.

Bad König near Darmstadt have selected the Sensus iPERL advanced water meter to drive operational efficiencies after significant benefits were demonstrated in only a few weeks.

„We used to have failures of up to 30 meters a year caused by water hammer action and since using iPERL this problem is a history“, reports Mr. Kunkelmann, Facility Manager of Bad König water utility.

The solid state electromagnetic measurement technology was one of the most important reasons for the selection of iPERL by Bad König. Mr. Kunkelmann points out that the very low starting measurement of 1 l/h and the almost noiseless operation of iPERL as important benefits compared to conventional meters.

The high efficiency of the reliable radio technology was another reason why they adopted iPERL. „During a drive-by test we could read 80 water meters within only 10 minutes“, says Mr. Kunkelmann. „This used to take 3 hours for the same number of meters“.

The positive effects on the business are already evident. Mr. Kunkelmann is convinced that „the optimization of our operative costs, particularly in man-power, is another benefit of iPERL and its communication technology“.

Sensus has deployed over 2 million iPERL smart water meters worldwide since their launch over two years ago. Using solid state residual magnetic sensing technology, the lack of moving parts and wide measurement flow range combined with built-in radio communications has made iPERL an ideal foundation for companies wanting to develop a smart water network strategy.

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