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Fallstudienthema: Intelligente Zähler

Canadian Utility Uses Sensus Technology to Help Customers Keep the Cold and High Bills at Bay

Known as the “sunniest city in Canada,” high temperatures this time of year for the 63,000 residents of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada, average 30 degrees Fahrenheit. For the local utility, that means taking extra care to ensure service for its electric, gas and water customers. It also means enacting measures to keep meter technicians […] 

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Texas Water Provider Improves Customer Communication with Sensus

The City of Cedar Park, located near Austin, Texas, is changing the way it communicates with its water customers. Instead of putting an invoice in the mail and taking questions over the phone, the city has upgraded its system with technology that puts customers in the driver’s seat. “We saw very clearly that we needed […] 

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Texas Co-op Migrates from Power Line Carrier System to Sensus Next-Generation AMI

Comanche Electric Cooperative covers seven counties and services 5,000 miles of power line. This vast Texas landscape serves as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, but it’s no walk in the park for the cooperative to provide dependable services to customers. “Generating and distributing power can be a tricky business in the rural and rugged Texas […] 

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Georgia Utility Addresses Non-Revenue Water with Sensus iPERL Meters

Just 30 miles northwest of Atlanta, the City of Dallas, Georgia, offers a reprieve from the busyness of the big city with the retained charm of simpler times and a friendly community. Whether visitors and residents want to take in the city’s quaint, historic downtown or have a chat at the local bakery, there’s plenty […] 

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Loudoun Water Partners with Sensus to Sustainably Manage Water Resources

Loudoun County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.  This growth brings a high demand for water from both industrial and residential customers. In response, Loudoun Water, the region’s water utility, is on an exciting path forward to plan for and deliver advanced water and wastewater technologies that will support its growing […] 

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City of Fairmont Improves Performance and Service with the Sensus AMI Solution

Nestled in the rolling hills of northern West Virginia, collegiate life reigns supreme in the City of Fairmont, which is home to Fairmont State University and just 20 miles northeast from the University of West Virginia. As with any college town, residential turnover is the norm, with the constant move-ins and move-outs straining the city’s […] 

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City of Troy Improves Customer Relationships and Billing Accuracy with Sensus AMI Solution

Located just south of Montgomery, Alabama, the City of Troy is a unique mix of southern small-town charm and big-city amenities. There’s a vibrant downtown square where the city’s 20,000 residents can be found dining at local restaurants or shopping at boutique stores. Around the corner, students on the campus of Troy University might be […] 

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Dickson Electric verkürzt mit Hilfe von Sensus die Reaktionszeit bei Störfällen

Stromausfälle sind normal für Versorgungsunternehmen. Das Bestreben, die Versorgung so schnell wie möglich wiederherzustellen, hat oftmals oberste Priorität, und das trifft sicherlich für Dickson Electric System zu. Mit seinem Hauptsitz in Dickson, Tennessee, bedient das Versorgungsunternehmen mehr als 36.000 Wohn- und Gewerbekunden in einem Gebiet von über 1800 Quadratkilometern, das Teile von sieben Wohngemeinden umfasst. […] 

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Eastern Municipal Water District verbessert Zähler-Ablesegenauigkeit

Für die Feldtechniker des Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) stellte die manuelle Ablesung von 148.000 Zählern in einem 1437 km2 großen Versorgungsgebiet eine gewaltige Aufgabe dar. Sie verbrachten Tage damit, durch das trockene, von der Dürre heimgesuchte Riverside County in Kalifornien zu fahren, um jeden Zähler des Versorgungsunternehmens abzulesen – nur um festzustellen, dass fehlende Daten […] 

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