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Electric Long-Range Coverage

Coverage and value

FlexNet is built for long range—no matter the number of end points or service territory size, you’re fully covered. Utilities of all sizes benefit from the highest signal power and range in the industry. And best of all, the power and design of the FlexNet network means less required infrastructure—and costs.


Applications at scale

Whether you’re seeking insights from customer data or require real-time updates on the health of your distribution system, the options are boundless when powered by FlexNet. For example:

Remote Management – Stay in control with an AMI solution that adapts to your needs. Retrieve data continuously or on-demand, and still adapt to give your customers what they want through opt-in/opt-out capabilities.

Outage Management – Zero in on where and why your outage occurred, and restore power quickly. After the storm, use Sensus phase detection to identify overloaded phases and rebalance your system.

Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) – Monitor real-time voltage data and optimize voltage across your entire distribution network.

Smart Street Lighting – Seize the opportunity to conserve energy, manage your assets, reduce maintenance costs and promote public safety using our VantagePoint™ Lighting Control solution.

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Data is the name of the game

Accurate meter readings, outage restoration, distribution automation, demand response, voltage management—all data-driven capabilities that are the lifeblood of your smart grid. So why would you trust them to anything less than a secure, dedicated network?

The Sensus FlexNet® communication network is the only private, two-way network available. You’ll never share radio frequencies, so data from your smart meters and sensors is transmitted quickly and securely. You can rely on the delivery of accurate information to help you respond faster, reduce system demand, and control your grid.

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FlexNet communication network



  • No frequency sharing—and no interference
  • Long-range radio communication network
  • Fast outage restoration
  • 20M end points deployed




  • Transmits up to two watts
  • More data, more often
  • 500+ AMI customers supported



  • Private, licensed spectrum
  • Direct connection—no hops
  • Easily add new applications

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