Regulatory Compliance

Gaining visibility into the variables that cause most problems in the water system is critical to the health and safety of the community. Having access to more data through smarter monitoring allows water utilities to measure, monitor, trend, model and control water quality across the entire water cycle.

Chlorine Analyzer for Water Quality

Continuously monitor free or total chlorine within your drinking water system to ensure optimal water quality.

Gravity Filtration System

Evaluate influent water qualities, determine optimal loading rates, select the best media characteristics and manage the backwash process with a custom-designed system.

Gravity Filtration System with Ozone

Disinfect and destroy organic “contaminants of emerging concern,” including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, and personal care residuals with our multi-barrier solution for wastewater treatment.

Smart Gateway for Water Quality

Keep your community safe with a smart solution that can alert you before harmful situations can occur.


Reduce your backwash water consumption and extend media life while lowering energy costs. With low-profile and modular options, we have the right solution for your needs.

TOC Analyzer for Water Quality

Continuously monitor total organic carbon in up to four process streams to meet your specific water quality standards.

Solutions for Optimized Process Monitoring and Control

Continuously monitor ammonia, nitrate, turbidity, pH, and more to increase operational efficiency and improve your process.

Reliable Flow Measurements

Electromagnetic flow meters, designed for drinking water applications, maintain precise measurements and can be deployed in applications that come into direct contact with potable water.