Aging Infrastructure and Asset Management

Age doesn’t dictate the health of your critical infrastructure. Xylem’s innovative digital technology and advanced analytics give utilities more visibility into the true condition of pipelines and valves.

Get the data to proactively manage your assets in ways that optimize reliability, minimize costs, and maximize value.

Valve & Hydrant Services

On average, 40% of valves in a water network are not usable, and up to 14% of hydrants are not functional at any given time. Valve and hydrant assessment and maintenance can help utilities ensure reliable water delivery, minimize service disruption, and maximize asset life.

Pressure Management

Complete system visibility to reduce leakage and bursts and ensure proper system pressure for desired service levels. Remotely monitor and measure pressure levels and set alarms, quickly retrieve data about water pressure and leaks, improve customer service and analyze data to develop new insights into your operations.

Pipeline Assessment Services

Maximize the life of your transmission mains and force mains using data to identify at-risk pipes and predict their future condition. Utilities can leverage condition data to build defensible long-term management strategies that maintain reliable infrastructure at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Pipe Repair Solutions

With standard and custom options for clamps, couplings, adapters and saddles your aging infrastructure can be quickly and easily repaired extending the life of your water network.

Revolutionary C&I Meter

Sensus Cordonel® commercial and industrial meter is the world’s most advanced ultrasonic C&I meter with patented flow tube technology that measures low to high flow volume with unmatched accuracy. Temperature alarms, pressure monitoring and advanced data storage take your meter to new visibility levels and it’s U0D0 design means you can install in any configuration.

Utility Data Lake

Take network visibility one step further with this powerful data management and analytics platform data collection into one centralized repository.