Mitigate Cost, Labor and Risk

Utilities have millions of dollars of assets to manage. From pipes lines to meters, the hydraulic cycle provides a constant movement of water, which can degrade assets over time and result in costly repairs or replacements.

Other challenges like increased population, natural disasters and higher demand for water put a strain on finite water resources and can put your employees and communities at risk.

Learn how Xylem partners with utilities to help address these challenges helping to better manage their capital costs, workforce management, and risks associated with changes across the water cycle:

Clean water pumps

Xylem’s water pumps have the highest motor and hydraulic efficiencies, and intelligent control units that automatically adapt performance to your demand.

Custom engineered pumps

Flygt innovation has kept pace with today’s demand for higher efficiency, greater reliability and state-of-the-industry manufacturing standards

Improve operational efficiency

With no moving parts and unparalleled accuracy, the iPerl meter can be set up in walk by drive by mode or with AMI connectivity you can capture more revenue and reduce maintenance across your water network.

Migrate from AMR to AMI at your own pace

Keep your existing assets while seamlessly moving from AMR to a more robust smart water network

Pressure management

Complete system to reduce leakage and bursts, and ensure proper system pressure for desired service levels.

Remote management made easy

Proactively manage your water systems with secure, reliable, and on demand data, making YOU and YOUR distribution system smarter at every point.

Storm water management

Keep your community safe with a smart solution that can alert you before harmful situations occur.

Water level management

Utilize data to keep your community safe and prevent incidents from occurring in your water system.

Explore Xylem Digital Optimization Solutions

Against a backdrop of rising needs and insufficient resources, Xylem offers powerful new tools to help utility leaders achieve superior performance as they serve their communities. These digital solutions can help improve cash flow and service affordability, ensure compliance and operating performance, and build system resilience.

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