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Diversity & Inclusion Trailblazers (VS1_02)

Monday 9:30am MST

Diverse organizations and teams are not only proven to perform better, but build an environment where everyone, from any background can bring their authentic self to work is simply the right thing to do. Like with any challenge, leaders must dive in and analyze from a business perspective rather than sit on the sidelines hoping the challenge will sort itself out. Join AWWA’s Diversity & Inclusion 2021 Award Winners – Cathy Bailey, General Manager, Greater Cincinnati Water Works and Nancy Dunn, Xylem as they discuss how to lead with diversity. Together, we must be effective advocates for diversity; championing efforts to add more women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups into our organizations and the water sector as a whole.

Your Journey to Utility Intelligence (VS1_20)

Monday 12:15pm MST

Utilities face new challenges every day. From population growth to pandemics – some obstacles are more predictable than others. It is no longer sufficient to focus on the delivery and billing of water. Utilities have a growing responsibility to improve management of water loss, water quality, and ensure the health and safety of the community they serve. A utility of the future is one that takes data from smart technology across the water network and uses the insights to proactively adjust and improve before problems can occur. Three utilities will share how they have gone from sufficient to resilient, addressing obstacles and learnings by implementing a smart utility network. Hear what you can do to become a utility of the future too.

Prolonging the Useful Life of Distribution Valves (VS3_20)

Wednesday 12:15pm MST

The best method of emergency management is to eliminate the need for it. Proactive O&M programs, such as valve maintenance programs, help utilities prioritize needs, plan rehab activities and avoid emergency situations. The importance of an O&M program for vertical assets is underscored in this session. Industry and utility professionals show how to use available tools, programs, and asset management approaches to maintain those crucial assets.

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