Aging Infrastructure

Many utilities are dealing with the challenges of aging water and sewer infrastructure. Despite their age, buried water and wastewater pipelines remain the most valuable assets a utility owns. In many cases, the value of buried pipelines represents two-thirds of the utilities’ total assets.

Learn how Xylem can assess the condition of aging infrastructure to determine replacement and also offer repair opportunities where needed:

System control

Up to 40% of valves are inoperable, unlocatable, or in the wrong position. Gain better network control by evaluating, rehabilitating, and repairing critical valves.

Pipeline condition assessment

Actionable pipeline condition data helps maximize the life of buried assets and can be used to prevent critical pipeline failures that threaten the environment and access to essential services.

Pipe repair solutions

With standard and custom options for clamps, couplings, adapters and saddles your aging infrastructure can be quickly and easily repaired extending the life of your water network.

Explore Xylem Digital Optimization Solutions

Against a backdrop of rising needs and insufficient resources, Xylem offers powerful new tools to help utility leaders achieve superior performance as they serve their communities. These digital solutions can help improve cash flow and service affordability, ensure compliance and operating performance, and build system resilience.

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