Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Image

Sensus leads the industry in the total number of installed AMI devices and smart meters, and we provide the strategic vision and customer service to help you build and implement smart metering technologies. We do this by using proven, real-world solutions that allow utilities greater operational and fiscal control of their systems.

The FlexNet™ AMI solution is offered exclusively from Sensus. This smart metering technology empowers electricity, gas, water or combination utilities to conserve resources – through a flexible, reliable and open system.

Only FlexNet delivers primary-use, Federal Communications Commission licensed spectrum, which guarantees an uncluttered, crystal clear path for transmissions, regardless of population density or terrain. That paves the way for an industry-leading two watts of power, making the FlexNet AMI metering system the mass-deployed utility communications system with the highest level of protection, power and productivity in North America.


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Utility Network Services Video
Sensus Research & Development Center
Sensus Research & Development Center


Features or Benefits:

  • Accurate and efficient
    • FlexNet increases meter reading accuracy and efficiency, helping you conserve energy and save money.
  • Reduced overhead
    • You'll save money on meter reading by using our open, licensed spectrum, and with our over-the-air programmable radio functionality, you'll be able to add new features without visiting the device.
  • Enhanced customer service
    • FlexNet provides data and information that you can share with your own customers, giving them the tools they need to conserve.