Smart Grid Communications Network

The current vision of a truly smart grid offers a great opportunity for utility modernization and advancement in part through a vast growth in the numbers and types of connected devices in a utility network. This migration to an intelligent grid that features connected devices is driving the need for increased network bandwidth, strong security and mission-critical network reliability. And as the need for greater data capacity and smart grid applications grows, the FlexNet system continues to evolve to meet demands for the next generation. There is a new sense of urgency among utilities to invest in a network that can meet these challenges.

Sensus understands how utilities operate, having supplied utility solutions for over 100 years. Sensus' FlexNetTM system provides the most comprehensive network features of any other utility communications solution in its class. Because FlexNet is a licensed spectrum network solution, it includes everything a utility could need for creating a secure, data highway for mission critical applications like smart metering, distribution automation, demand response and more. The FlexNet communication network is backed by a broad range of deployment options and services and is already well established and proven in volume deployments with millions of endpoints.

The FlexNet™ system gives utilities the peace of mind that the solution they deploy today will provide a clear path to the utility network needs of tomorrow.


Network Features

  • Flexible multi-application network for Smart Metering (AMI), Distribution Automation, Demand Response and more
  • Licensed spectrum
  • Dedicated channels for applications
  • True two-way communications
  • Simple RF architecture (endpoint to base station)
  • High-performance reliability, availability and scalability
  • Low latency
  • Over-the-air upgrades
  • Open standards network architecture

Coverage and Capacity

  • Utilizes licensed frequencies in the radio spectrum to broadcast at an industry-leading 30 watts of power.
  • Single base station can handle up-to 40,000 endpoints
  • Easily customizable for dense urban or remote rural terrains


  • Multi-layered security (from endpoint to user interface)
  • Fully integrated encryption and enhanced key management
  • Third-party certification for end-to-end system security and SDLC (Security Development Lifecycle)

Utility Networked Services Video

Utility Network Services Video


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